Middletown Christian Schools’ Foundation Update

Upcoming Events

          June 14        Grace Baptist Church and Open House

          July 10-12    Ohio Balloon Challenge

          July 11         Pancake Breakfast

          July 16         MCS Foundation Golf Tournament

Middletown Christian Schools' Foundation

    A vital part from the Foundation up!    

Supporting the development of Middletown Christian Schools



A  Strong  Mission

The Middletown Christian Schools' Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization established for the express purpose of supporting the financial needs of the Middletown Christian Schools.  It serves as a conduit in assistance of the many programs offered by the schools.
The Foundation is directed by its own Board of Trustees, who have been charged with insuring that MCS has the resources to offer a quality Bible-based education, while developing strong Christian character in every student.  Financial support directed through the MCS Foundation will be used to enhance the educational, spiritual, physical, and social needs of the students.
All gifts given through the MCS Foundation are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law as it pertains to each individual or corporate donation.



Middletown Christian Schools' Foundation


Dear MCS Foundation Supporter,

Our God is great! These words help describe what 2014 has been like for the MCSF.  Month to month the Foundation has worked to bring honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As Christmas approaches, we ask for your continued support with a yearend gift to help support the needs of the Foundation.  

Looking back over the year, it has been wonderful to see how the Lord provided many opportunities to reach out to our community. The MCSF was involved in business expos and had the privilege of hosting the I-75 Corridor Job Fair. Our hope is to serve our community, increase awareness of our school, and generate interest in it. Participating in the expos, we shared what Middletown Christian Schools has to offer with hundreds of attendees. The I75 Corridor Job Fair allowed us to share our beautiful school building and hospitality to over 30 companies and many job seekers.

Our calling to support Middletown Christian Schools is a great privilege. Seeing lives changed, through education, as they help students understand the world through a Biblical perspective. Knowing God has a plan for this ministry, we prepare for 2015 with anticipation and future opportunities to support MCS. We have a great calling to touch lives with the hope of Christ. 

We rely on our great God to provide the needed resources to support the work of the MCSF. Your  year end gift to the Foundation will help us as we continue to make an impact on MCS. Every gift makes a difference. Please find the enclosed return envelope to Roger Brandenburg donate or call 513-420-1570 to make a gift using your credit card.   

With Christmas upon us, we have so much for which to be thankful, including you and your heart for this ministry.